Polymorphism of Quercus robur L. investigated by misrosatellite loci in Donetskiy kryazh

  • А. Е. Демкович
  • И. И. Коршиков
  • И. В. Макогон


Aims. Analysis of tree genetic polymorphism at four nSSR loci in two highland populations of Quercus robur L. in Donetskiy Kryazh. Methods. To determine plant genotype, we used electrophoretic analysis in polyacrylamide gel of PCR-products of four nSSR loci. Results. There were detected 2 to 9 (total 24) alleles at the investigated loci. Observed heterosigosity (HO) = 0.22, expected (HE) = 0.47. A significant excess of homozygous genotypes was detected. Conclusions. Microsatellite loci provide more exact determination of the allele diversity and heterozygosity of Q. robur.

Key words: Quercus robur L., population, polymorphism, microsatellite loci, Donetskiy Kryazh.