Морфологічні та ростові особливості нової лінії клітин людини 4BL

  • V. O. Kushniruk
  • T. P. Ruban
  • L. L. Lukash


Morphology of cells and growth curve are important characteristics of cell line, so the aim of this research was to study these peculiarities. Methods. We investigated original cell line 4BL, obtained from peripheral blood of healthy donor, which was successfully passed through the Heyflick limit. Methods of cell cultivation and standard cytological methods were used. Results. Cell line 4BL and its clones consist of two main types of cells: fibroblast-like and epithelioid. Cells have non-random distribution on the surface of culture dish and form cycle-like structures. These properties indirectly denote about stem potential of these cells, what have been confirmed by special investigations. Growth curves had graded character: virtually absence of lag-phase, two periods of exponential growth with phase of growth impairment between them, virtually absence of stationary phase and two peaks with maximum quantity of cells and accordingly two-step decreasing. Conclusions. Fibrgoblast-like and epithelioid cells are two main morphological types of cell line 4BL, so as it’s clones 1, 2 and 3. Ability to form cycle structures at the surface of culture dish was observed. Growth curves had graded character.

Key words: human cell line, growth curves, stem cells.