Traces of ancient migrations in the crimean and kazan tatars genepools: the analysis of Y-chromosome polymorphism

  • A. T. Agdzhoyan
  • O. M. Utevska
  • R. A. Skhalyakho
  • Kh. D. Dibirova
  • E. A. Pocheshkhova
  • Y. M. Yusupov
  • R. I. Mansurov
  • E. A. Naumova
  • L. A. Atramentova
  • E. V. Balanovska
  • O. P. Balanovsky


Aims. The comparative analysis of gene pools of the Crimean and Kazan Tatars by the Y chromosome markers. Methods. The molecular, statistical and cartographical methods were used. Results. A high heterogeneity and lack of a dominant haplogroup were found for the gene pool of Crimean Tatars. Conclusions. The Crimean Tatars gene pool includes the «Middle Eastern», «Mediterranean» and, to a lesser extent, «Asian» haplogroups, and for Kazan Tatars the «Finno-Ugric» haplogroups are typical. The gene pools of the Crimean and Kazan Tatars are placed on the different «poles» of the genetic space of Eurasian Turkic peoples.

Key words: Y-chromosome haplogroup, population, gene pool, Crimean and Kazan Tatars.