Variation of the scots pine plus trees at isozyme and microsatellite loci

  • I. I. Korshikov
  • A. Ye. Demkovich
  • I. V. Makogon
  • L. A. Kalafat
  • A. R. Bagdasarova


Aims. Analysis of the individual heterizygosity in 35 Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) trees sampled in the plantations of the northern Donetsk region. Methods. To determine genotype of plants, we used electrophoretic analysis in polyacrylamide gel of 9 gene-enzyme systems with detection of 14 polymorphic isozyme and 5 microsatellite DNA loci. Results. Individual heterozygosity of trees notably varied. There were detected 0 to 5 heterozygous microsatellite or isozyme loci in their genotypes. Conclusions. Microsatellite loci provide more exact determination of the allele diversity and heterozygosity of plus trees.

Key words: Pinus sylvestris, plus trees, isozyme and microsatellite loci.