Features of the teaching of evolutionary theory and fundamentals of ecology in the medical university at the department of medical biology

Keywords: evolution, ecology, features of the teaching


Aim. To justify the peculiarities of teaching the basics of evolution and ecology in a medical university to ensure a high level of general biological training and to achieve medical and biological orientation of first-year students. Methods. Study and analysis of typical and working programs, monographs, textbooks, didactic materials and methodical recommendations from the discipline "Medical Biology" of medical universities. Results. In the conditions of reforming modern medical education, biology teachers are paying more and more attention to the formation of a scientific picture of the world, that is, the formation of a worldview in future doctors, which corresponds to modern approaches to the integration of the content of theoretical and clinical education and the need for its continuity in the further practical activities of a doctor-specialist in any field of medicine. Teaching involves conveying to students three possible regimes of biological evolution: Lamarck’s, environmental factors influence development (epigenesis); Darwinian, when random mutations are selected by environmental factors for progressive development (biogenesis); Rait's, in which there are only coincidences. Conclusions. During formation the personality of the future doctor, teaching the basics of evolution and ecology should combine the material of classical biology with the latest information on achievements in the fields of natural sciences.


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