Diversity of alleles of locuses of spare proteins of wheat varieties IFRG NAS of Ukraine

Keywords: Triticum aestivum L., soft wheat, grain grain proteins, high molecular weight glutenin loci


Aim. Investigation of allele frequencies by locus of reserve proteins in groups of wheat varieties created during different selection periods at the leading breeding center of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Methods. The material for the study were 57 varieties of wheat of the Institute of Plant Physiology and Genetics of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Separation of gliadins was performed according to the ISTA method in the Poperel modification. High molecular weight glutenin subunits were analyzed by electrophoresis in the presence of sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) by the Lemmley method. Results. The allelic composition of loci of spare proteins Glu-A1, Glu-B1, Glu-D1, Gli-1A, Gli-B1, Gli-1D was determined. At the gliad-encoding loci Gli-A1, Gli-B1 6 alleles were detected, at the locus Gli-D1 - 5 alleles. By gluten-encoding loci, the most polymorphic was the Glu-B1 locus, which is represented by 5 alleles. Loci Glu-A1 and Glu-D1 are represented by 3 and 2 allelic variants. Conclusions. The frequency of the Glu-B1al allele, increased from 0% to 18%, this allele is one of the strongest in terms of positive impact on the quality of flour among the identified alleles of loci of high molecular weight glutenins of wheat. It was found that almost 50% of varieties created in the last decade in IFRG NAS of Ukraine have wheat-rye translocations 1AL.1RS, 1BL.1RS.


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