Identification of winter common wheat samples of Kharkiv breeding by protein markers

  • Z. Usova
  • O.Y. Leonov
  • N.O. Kozub
  • I.O. Sozinov


Aim. Identification of new winter wheat breeding material developed in Kharkiv by electrophoretic patterns of storage proteins to select the most promising lines. Methods. Protein fractionation was performed by APAG- and SDS-electrophoresis. Results. The genotypes of winter wheat samples of the competitive variety trial at seven storage protein loci Gli-A1, Gli-B1, Gli-D1, Gli-A3, Glu-A1, Glu-B1, Glu-D1 were studied. We identified eight alleles at the Gli-A1 locus, seven at Gli-B1, five at Gli-D1, four at Gli-A3, five at Glu-B1, three at Glu-A1, and two at Glu-D1. Most of the identified alleles are typical for Ukrainian winter wheat varieties. Along with them, theree were lines with introgressed alleles marking for the wheat-rye translocations 1AL/1RS and 1BL/1RS. The biotype of the line Erythrospermum 484-19 carries an introgressed allele from Ae. tauschii at the Gli-D1 locus. Conclusions. According to field and laboratory trials of samples, there were neither significant advantages nor disadvantages of lines with wheat-rye translocations compared to lines without translocations (typical for the East Forest-Steppe zone). The promising line of the use of the 1AL/RS or 1BL/RS translocations (carrying disease resistance genes) is their coupling with the allele Glu-B1al associated with high grain quality.

Keywords: winter wheat, storage proteins, alleles, translocations.


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