Manifestation and variability of biometric characteristics in line-parental components and hybrids of maize using different genetic peninsular

  • R. A. Vozhegova
  • Yu.O. Lavrynenko
  • T.Y. Marchenko
  • V.V. Bazalii


Aim. To establish the manifestation and variability of the trait "plant height" in the lines-parent components and hybrids of corn using different genetic plasmas, to determine the level of heterosis in newly created test crosses and to determine the influence of morphometric parameters on grain yield under irrigation. Methods. General scientific, special, comparative-analytical, regression, information-logical analysis and mathematical modeling. Results. The manifestation and variability of traits "plant height" and "height of cob attachment" in the lines - parent components and hybrids of corn with the use of different genetic plasmas were established. The level of heterosis in newly created test crosses under irrigation conditions was determined. The dependences of biometric parameters and their correlation with grain yield in the test of hybrids obtained with the participation of newly created initial forms of different embryonic plasmas were established. Conclusions. The ratio of plant height of hybrids by maturity groups and yield level showed that for the middle-early group, in the phase of cessation of linear growth, the optimal plant height is 235–265 cm, grain yield is 12.98–13.81 t/ha; for the middle-ripe group - 255–257 cm with grain yield at the level of 15.17–15.82 t/ha. For medium-late hybrids, the optimal plant height to ensure the highest grain yield (over 15 t/ha) is in the range from 270 to 280 cm.

Keywords: parental lines, genetic plasmas, hybrids, maize.


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