Ефективність мутагенних чинників у індукуванні практично-цінних мутацій озимої пшениці

  • I. P. Artemchuk


Aims. We are present the results of the development of methods for enhancing the frequency and widening the spectrum of induced mutations of winter wheat under the influence of gamma-rays and chemical mutagens according to doses, concentrations, expositions of an effect on seeds and the formation of ears of a particular order in ontogenesis. Methods. The effect of mutagenic agents in different doses and concentrations impact on air-dry the seeds on the induction of mutations of winter wheat were investigated. Results. The overall frequency, the frequency of practically valuable mutations and their spectrum was designed. Conclusions. It is proved the expediency of use of moderate doses and concentrations of mutagens, which ensure the survival of plants in the generation of M1 at the level of 60–75 % for induced a high frequency of practically valuable mutations.

Key words: winter wheat, dose, friquency of mutations, practically valuable mutations.