Population structure of Triticum aestivum L. of the Steppe of Ukraine at the storage protein loci in different periods of breeding

  • N. O. Kozub
  • О. І. Sozinov
  • V. M. Chaika
  • H. Ya. Bidnyk
  • N. O. Demianova
  • O. I. Sozinova
  • L. A. Janse
  • A. V. Karelov
  • Ya. B. Blume


Aim. Frequencies of alleles at storage protein loci and the population structure were studied in groups of winter common wheat cultivars developed in different periods of time in the leading breeding center of the Steppe of Ukraine, the Plant Breeding and Genetics Institute (PBGI). Methods. Storage protein allele frequencies were analyzed in 167 PBGI cultivars divided into three groups based on the registration time: before 1996, from 1996 till 2010, an after 2010. APAG electrophoresis of gliadins was performed by the procedure of Kozub et al. 2009. High-molecular-weight glutenin subunits were analyzed by SDS-electrophoresis according to Laemmli. The population structure was studied using the STRUCTURE software. Results. Changes in the population structure of PBGI cultivars were revealed: in the group of cultivars developed after 2010, the change of the predominant cluster took place in comparison with the cultivars released before 1996. Changes of frequencies of certain alleles at the studied loci in groups of cultivars developed in different periods of time were correlated with changes of the average annual temperature in the periods of development of these cultivars. Conclusions. Temporal changes of frequencies of certain alleles at storage protein loci are most probably caused by global warming. The increase in the contribution of germplasm from regions with higher temperatures may be expected for breeding of common wheat cultivars ins the Steppe of Ukraine.

Keywords: common wheat, alleles, gliadins, high-molecular-weight glutenin subunits, global warming.


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