Посттравматична регенеративна спроможність представників роду Аmelanchier Medik.

  • A. I. Opalko
  • O. D. Andriyenko
  • O. A. Opalko


Aims. The posttraumatic regeneration ability of the Amelanchier Medik. genus representative after experimental injuring of one-year-old shoots (growth-increase of the previous season) is regarded as a component of adaptive complex. In order to forecast the favorable periods dates for callusing, seasonal variations of the regeneration coefficient were compared. Methods. Variation of the regeneration coefficient was evaluated with respect to repair process efficiency of artificial incisions. Results. It was found that the general posttraumatic regenerative ability indirectly of sufficient adaptation of the studied species to seasonal variations, but the testifies regeneration effectiveness of A. spicata was higher than that of A. ovalis. Conclusions. It is supposed that according to regeneration coefficients the dates of the favorable periods for the vegetative propagation and working operations of attendance of shadberry plantations resulting in the injury of vegetative organs can be determined.

Key words: adaptive complex, callusing, incisions, regenerative potential, shadberry.