Особенности реакции гибридов подсолнечника на температурный режим межфазных периодов

  • E. N. Maklyak
  • V. V. Kyrychenko


Aims. The aim of investigation is to study the effect of a temperature regime on the duration of interphase periods and to reveal the possible parameters of hybrid temperature characteristic using a new breeding material. Methods. Field evaluation of sunflower hybrids carried out via a competitive trial and determination of interphase period duration. Results. It has been revealed a negative correlation between the duration of interphase periods and temperature indicators. But some hybrids had their individual peculiarities. Hybrids possessed the low temperature threshold of the development have been selected. Conclusions. It has been recommended to use a low temperature threshold of a development and a correlation between a «flowering –physiological maturation» period duration and temperature indicator of periods.

Key words: sunflower, hybrids, interphase periods, temperature.