Реєстрація зразків-стандартів алелів локусів високомолекулярних субодиниць глютенінів Aegilops biuncialis Vis.

  • N. A. Kozub
  • I. A. Sozinov
  • H. Ya. Bidnyk
  • N. A. Demianova
  • A. A. Sozinov


Aims. The objective of the investigation was selection and registration of Aegilops biuncialis Vis. accessions that may serve as standards for high-molecular weight glutenin subunit alleles. Methods. Ae. biuncialis accessions derived from Crimean populations were propagated on the experimental plot. SDS electrophoresis of high-molecular weight glutenin subunits was used to identify alleles at the Glu-U1 and Glu-Mb1 loci. Results. The most frequent alleles among the collection of propagated accessions of Ae. biuncialis were Glu-U1b and Glu-Mb1a. Fifteen accessions were registered at the National Centre of Plant Genetic Resources of Ukraine. The set of registered accessions includes six different alleles at the Glu-U1 locus and seven alleles at Glu-Mb1. Conclusions. Fifteen accessions of Ae. biuncialis registered in the National catalogue of NCPGRU may serve as standards for six alleles at the Glu-U1 locus and seven alleles at Glu-Mb1.

Key words: Aegilops biuncialis Vis., high-molecular weight glutenin subunits, alleles, registration.