Оценка и использование генофонда плодовых, ягодных, орехоплодных культур и винограда в Республике Беларусь

  • Z. A. Kazlouskaya
  • A. A. Taranou
  • L. V. Liohkaya


Aims. The Belarusian fruit genetic resources have been investigated for potential use in breeding. One of the aims of our breeding program is to create new population with combined multiple resistance to the most important diseases and damaging abiotic factors in our climate. The formation of different categories and types of collections of fruit genetic resources and rational utilization for decision of breeding tasks are very important. Methods. Descriptions of morphological characters were according to DUS methods, biological properties to «Program and methods of study varieties of fruit, small fruit and nut crops» (1999). Results. Resistance to diseases is main object for research of fruit genetic resources. The collections of different categories and types of 12 crops – apple, pear, plum, apricot, sour-cherry, sweet cherry, walnut, black and red currant, hardy kiwifruit, dog-rose, strawberry were formed. During 2006–2012 genetic fund is grown stout by 1500 accesses of different ecological-geographical origin. Conclusions. Genetic potential of fruit crop available inBelarus allows to use successfully it in breeding, production and for an interstate exchange, it is guarantees the most effective problem solution of fruit varieties perfection.

Key words: fruit genetic resources, collection, walnut, grape,Belarus.