Cloud technologies as a way to form and develop evolutionary concepts in future teachers of biology

  • K. I. Borodina
  • A. M. Kmets
  • O. I. Lutsenko


Aim. The article is devoted to the substantiation of theoretical and methodical principles of professional training of teachers of biology in the conditions of the informational and educational environment; multilevel and differentiated approaches in training with the possibility of continuous receipt of online and off-line assistance. Methods. Analysis of psychological and pedagogical, methodical literature; synthesis, a generalization; psycho-pedagogical observation, questionnaire, pedagogical experiment. Results. The authors proposed a methodology for involving information technologies, in particular cloud services, the inclusion of their varieties in all activities of the teacher in order to facilitate interaction between the subjects of the educational process, improve the content, forms and ways of interaction of the teacher and students in the process of formation and development of evolutionary concepts. Conclusions. Teaching and methodological support, developed in conditions of cloud-oriented environment, will be open and dynamic, elementarily variable and perceptible for the formation and development of scientific concepts, in particular, evolutionary ones.

Keywords: "cloud technologies", formation, development, evolutionary concepts, means of training.


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