Оценка качества спермы методами интерференционной микроскопии

  • V. Vasilev


Aims. Objective evaluation of the quality of sperm is important in animal reproduction. Methods. Morphological and functional indices of animal and human spermatozoa with the help of microscopy interference have been studied. Results. Mean value of dry mass of head spermatozoa of bull’s is 8,67 pg, of boars – 8,78 pg, of rams – 8,39 pg, of dogs – 6,24 pg, of cocks – 2,59 pg, of turkey-cocks – 3,7 pg, of men – 7,26 pg. The high variability of the size, dry mass of sperm, usually indicate an increased number of abnormal cell shape and low sperm quality. Conclusion. Interference microscopy techniques allow us to study ultramorphology sperm determine the amount of dry matter, DNA, and other indicators and reliable assessment of the quality of each ejaculate and the fertility of animals.

Keywords: spermatozoa, interference microscopy, fertility.