Assessment of the grain quality indicators in introgression wheat lines by the near infrared spectroscopy method

  • I. I. Моtsnyi
  • O. O. Molodchenkova
  • V. N. Bezlyudnyi
  • R. V. Solomonov
  • M. P. Kulbida


Aim. The variation of protein content and its relationship to agronomic traits of introgression wheat lines were studied to determine the differentiating ability of environment, a value of breeding traits from new sources and the relevancy of assessment methods. Methods. Growing plants under different conditions was combined with the laboratory methods for determining quality. Results. An average protein content of the lines (9.7–15.5 %) was higher in the wide-row crop and in drouth years, and the range of variation was wider in dry years in the wide-row crop, but in favorable years in the solid crop. A stable positive correlation of protein content with gluten content (0.87–0.96) and sedimentation value (0.58–0.90), and the negative correlation with yield was established. Conclusions. The parameters of plant resistance to diseases and harsh agricultural backgrounds, the determination of protein content by several methods and the differentiating ability of the environments with optimal conditions and a high agricultural background should be used for selection and objective evaluation of material. Weather conditions may limit the use of some indicators as breeding traits. The method of near-infrared spectroscopy requires constant calibrations, following measurement instructions may overestimate the protein content and affect the efficiency of the selection process.

Keywords: wheat, introgression lines, protein content, methods.


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