Genealogical analysis of patients with mental disorders

  • N. V. Bagatska
  • L. I. Glotka
  • V. A. Sukhov


Aim. To determine the family accumulation of multifactorial diseases in genealogies of patients with mental disorders (MD). Methods. Genealogical analysis was carried out in the families of patients with MD by the generally accepted method. Statistical analysis of the results of research was carried out using Excel software package and SPSS Statistics 17.0. Results. The genealogical analysis of patients showed that 58.8 % of families of probands with phobic-anxiety disorders (PAD) and 74.4 % of families of patients with anxiety-depressive disorders (ADD) had genetic burden for MD. In both groups, in relatives of sick probands, psychiatric, neurological and cardiovascular diseases were significantly more often, compared to the frequency of these diseases among members of families of healthy peers, moreover in families of patients with PAD endocrine diseases were more frequent. Conclusions. The genetic burden in children and adolescents with PAD and ADD has been determined. Among the multifactorial diseases in the families of patients with PAD and ADD mental, neurological and cardiovascular diseases and unfavorable factors of environment significantly prevailed.

Keywords: genealogies, patients, mental disorders, multifactorial diseases.


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