Isolation and identification of a strain producing riboflavin

  • M. M. Radchenko
  • N. E. Beyko
  • G. S. Andriiash
  • О. О. Тigunova
  • С. М. Shulga


Aim. Aim of investigation was to receive riboflavin strain-producers using natural sources for development of riboflavin technology. Methods. Strain-producers were isolated by the method of imprints (replica). The identification of stains was done by commonly used techniques using the «Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology». The resulting clones were tested for accumulation of riboflavin by fluorometric method. Results. 9 natural sources (seeds of corn and potato tubers) were investigated, pure cultures of microorganisms werr isolated and their identification was carried out. Two types of bacterial colonies of the genus Bacillus were identified. Selected strains weretested for antibiotic susceptibility and for the ability to accumulate riboflavin. Conclusions. As a result of the research, strain-producing riboflavin is isolated, the strain is classified as B. subtilis. The strain accumulated 4.3 g / l of riboflavin in a sucrose medium during a 72 hours cultivation. This strain was accepted as a source for the development of riboflavin technology.

Keywords: riboflavin, stain, microbial synthesis, Bacillus subtilis.


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