Assessment of functional relationships between acids and neutral compounds of canabinoids in modern monoecious varieties of Cannabis sativa L.

  • A. S. Polyakova


Aim. The research was aimed at determining the correlation between neutral substances and acids in varieties of Cannabis sativa L. Methods. Taking into account lability and isomerization of cannabinoids under the influence of various factors, the TLC method was used for preserving the naturally formed ratio of cannabinoids without disturbing their qualitative and quantitative interrelations. Results. In the hemp variety YuSO 1 excluded from breeding work to reduce the content of neutral substances, varieties of French selection – Fedora 17 and Futura 77 with relatively high content of cannabinoids and with varieties of hemp Zolotonis’ky 15 and Viktoriya with reduced or absent content of neutral substances, high interdependence between neutral compounds and acids was determined. In the varieties of hemp YuSO 31, Hlyana, Hlukhivs’ky 46 insufficient selections for reducing the content of neutral substances led to a violation of the formed relationships between acids and neutral substances. Correlation interdependence was negative. Conclusions. The determined correlation between neutral substances and acids in cannabis varieties indicates the existing biologically determined dependence between them taking into account natural acids.

Keywords: THC, CBD, CBN, CBDА, THCA.


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