Application of mycorrhizal fungus Tuber melanosporum to stimulate the growth and development of soybean and spring barley

  • V. P. Oliferchuk
  • D. V. Fedorovych


Aim. To evaluate the effect of soybean and spring barley seeds treatment with haploid cells of fungus Tuber melanosporum IMB F- 100106 on the growth and development of soybean and spring barley. Methods. The study was conducted in field conditions on the experimental field of the Department of Agroecology and Biosafety IAP NANU. The level of development of the fungus was evaluated visually and by counting ectomycorrhizal threads. Morphometric and biochemical methods were used to characterize the structure of the crop. Results. The treatment of soybean and spring barley seeds with T. melanosporum promotes productive growth and increases the yield of crops. Conclusions. Plant inoculation with T. melanosporum promotes productive growth and increases the yield of soybean and barley, promotes the possibility of creating new technologies of organic and regenerative agriculture and allows preserving of the genetic stability of this fungus.

Keywords: mycorrhiza, Tuber melanosporum, crop yields, genetic stability.


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