Genetic patterns of breeding upon creation of the first Ukrainian waxy barley cultivar Shedevr

  • M. R. Kozachenko
  • A. G. Naumov
  • N. I. Vasko
  • P. N. Solonechnyi
  • O. V. Solonechna
  • O. Ye. Vazhenina
  • A. V. Zymohliad


Aim. The study’s purpose was to establish genetic patterns of waxy barley breeding on the basis of determination of genetic and breeding characteristics of accessions with different fractional composition of starch during 10/11-year cycles of the breeding process upon creation of waxy barley cultivars. Methods. Analysis of variance, calculus of variations, correlation analysis, genetic and breeding methods were used to investigate peculiarities of genotypes in topcross, diallel and pair-crossing designs. Results. The important scientific problem concerning establishment of genetic patterns of waxy spring barley breeding was solved. We determined morpho-biological features, variability, correlations and genetic peculiarities of inheritance, heritability, genetic variation and combining ability for quantitative traits of plants as well as for amylopectin content in starch of F1 hybrids derived from forms with different fractional composition of starch. As a result of establishing the patterns, the effectiveness of creation of valuable lines and waxy barley cultivar Shedevr with amylopectin starch was demonstrated. Conclusions. The morpho-biological, breeding and genetic peculiarities of plant traits with different fractional composition of starch were determined. On this basis, the genetic patterns of waxy barley breeding were established, and the first Ukrainian waxy barley cultivar Shedevr (with amylopectin starch) was created.

Keywords: Hordeum vulgare L., accession, cultivar, amylopectin starch, genetic peculiarities.


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