Uptake of 137Cs in legumes plants (Vicia sativa L.) at the influence of complex bacterial preparations

  • V. V. Illienko
  • O.Y. Pareniuk
  • K.E. Shavanova
  • N. G. Nesterova
  • Y. V. Ruban
  • N. F. Shpyrka
  • I. M. Gudkov


Aim. Main goal is to determine the role of individual strains of microorganisms in the accumulation of 137Cs by plants of vetch (Vicia sativa L.), under the influence of seed pre-sowing inoculation by microorganisms used in agriculture as biofertilizers and cultivated on substrate contaminated by radionuclides. Methods. Laboratory and field experiments, microbiological, gamma spectrometry. Results. The changes of morphometric indices of plants due to bacterial microflora activity are described. The modification of the radionuclide accumulation coefficient under the influence of microorganisms-inoculants has been calculated. The most effective complexes of strains of microorganisms that can reduces the accumulation of radionuclide by green mass of plants are determined. Conclusions. Using seed inoculation by bacterial strains while cultivating on radionuclide-contaminated soil was proposed as an additional measure to reduce the accumulation of radionuclides in green mass of plants.

Keywords: accumulation coefficient, Vicia sativa L., 137Cs, bacterial preparations.


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