Usage of microsatellite loci linked with E genes, for identification and certification of soybean varieties

  • D. O. Zharikova
  • E. O. Aksyonova
  • G. O. Chebotar
  • S. V. Chebotar


Aim. To investigate the molecular genetic polymorphism of soybean varieties created in different breeding centers of Ukraine by the loci Satt100, Satt229, Satt319, Satt354, Satt365, Sat_038 and to determine whether differentiation, identification and certification of varieties based on MS-analysis on listed loci can be used. Methods. DNA extraction, SSR-PCR, electrophoresis in 7% polyacrylamide gels and on ABI PRISM® Genetic Analyzer 3500 (Applied Biosystems), cluster analysis UPGMA. Results. In general, 28 alleles were detected. The most polymorphic locus was Satt365 − 6 alleles per locus. We did not detect heterozygous plants and heterogeneous soy varieties for studied loci. Conclusions. All varieties have been clearly differentiated on the dendrogram, that allows to offer an individual genetic formula for each of the varieties and recommend these microsatellite markers for use in the certification and registration of soy varieties. Keywords: soybean, molecular genetic polymorphism, microsatellite loci.

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