Parent material for breading winter wheat with high disease resistance under environments of forest-steppe of Ukraine

  • O. A. Demydov
  • H. B. Volohdina
  • S. I. Voloshchuk
  • O. V. Humeniuk
  • V. V. Kyrylenko
  • S. O. Khomenko


Aim. Main goals were to study the Bulgarian samples of winter wheat, to identify sources of disease resistance for further breeding work and to develop high-yielding varieties being adapted to the conditions of Forest-steppe. Methods. The experimental part of the work was carried out in 1987-2013 in breeding crop rotations of MIW. 1470 Bulgarian samples were the starting material used. Results. The samples M-61-185, 97 / 58-1, 1769-64, 668-2, 49 / 94-168, 301-44-55, 1990 50, 836 / 87-2 were characterized with stabile high resistance to brown rust in combination with yield on the level of adaptive norm; 3324-1, 1919-50, 77 / 83-71, 2579-30-19, 704 / 90-30, 411 / 92-57, 97 / 58-1, Liliia, Milena – to powdery mildew; 1919-50, Liliia, 836 / 87-2, 6532-5, 49 / 94-168, DM-62-44, 835 / 87-44-38, 97 / 58-1 – to Septoria leaf blotch. Genotypes 759-1, 2579-30-19, 836 / 87-2, DM-62- 44, 1919-50 that combine resistance to group of three diseases with complex of traits: winter-hardiness, large grain, productivity, high quality levels and high-yielding; samples with large grain and high quality – 97 / 58-1, MT-17131-87, 71 / 90-1097, 2514-114 are the most valuable for breeders. Based on 2579–30–19 the new winter wheat variety Hospodynia Myronivska has been developed. Conclusions. Bulgarian samples are valuable as a starting material for winter wheat breeding for disease resistance in Forest-steppe zone of Ukraine.

Keywords: winter wheat, Bulgarian sample, disease resistance.


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