Nucleotide sequences of tRNA-methonine genes of Streptomyces globisporus 1912-2, identified in silico

  • L. V. Polishchuk Institute of Microbiology and Virology of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 03680, Kyiv, Akademika Zabolotnoho str., 154


Aim of this work was to identify nucleotide sequences of tRNAMet of S. globisporus 1912-2. Methods. Resources of server NCBI (programs BLAST: blast, discontiguous megablast and databases: “Genome”, “Nucleotide”) were used for in silico analysis of library of S. grlobisporus 1912-2 contigs. Results. Nucleotide sequences of 4 genes of tRNAMet of S. globisporus 1912-2 were determined in silico. Molecules of tRNA of the II type were translated from tRNAMet gene (Contig № 21 (936–1008 bp)) and the molecules of tRNAfMet genes (Contigs № 299 (1713–1787 bp), № 255 (5941–6015 bp)). Conclusions. 4 genes of transfer RNAs-methionine were identified in silico in S. globisporus 1912-2 genome. Two genes from them coded tRNAfMet molecules. The nucleotide sequences of all tRNAMet genes were identified.

Keywords: gene, tRNA, methionine, nucleotide sequence, Streptomyces.


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