Lysenkoizm phenomenon in the genomic era

  • A. I. Opalko National dendrological park «Sofiyivka» of NAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 20300, Uman, Kiyivska str., 12AUman National University of HorticultureUkraine, 20305, Uman, Instytutska Str. 1
  • O. P. Serzhuk Uman National University of Horticulture, Ukraine, 20305, Uman, Instytutska Str. 1


During the round table meetings «Retrospective analysis of the learning efficiency in a genetics (Current Issues and Trends)», devoted to the 80-th anniversary of Yurii Mykolaiovych Mishkurov, a knowledge specialist of didactic problems of genetics at high school, the actual questions about a new round of perigenetics mythicize which are observed in Genomic era were discussed in the form of open discussion. An attempt to reveal the phenomenon of popularity of pseudogenetic and other pseudoscientific theories, which are spread by current television was done, the role of a teacher in forming a scientific picture of the world and in particular manifestation of heredity and variability was appreciated. It is proposed to file a petition for the correction of the curriculum and returning the subject «Applied Genetics and the basics of cytology» to the list of compulsory disciplines of Master’s degree in specialities: 201 — «Agronomy», 202 — «Plants Protection and Quarantine», 203 — «Horticulture and Viticulture», 205 — «Forestry», 206 — «Landscape Gardening» and for restoration in full volume of contact hours (lectures, laboratory and practical classes), term paper, training practice and planning of hours to control self-learning of students. The content of a Bachelor’s degree program on «Genetics» regarding the restoration of training practice and controlling of selflearning of students must be updated.

Keywords: Bologna process, teaching of genetics, pseudoscience, heredity and variability, public consciousness.


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