The allelic state of SNP-markers, specific for lancaster germpasm maize inbreds

  • K. V. Derkach Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 49027, Dnipro, V. Vernadsky str., 14
  • T. M. Satarova Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 49027, Dnipro, V. Vernadsky str., 14
  • V. V. Borisova Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 49027, Dnipro, V. Vernadsky str., 14
  • V. Yu. Cherchel Institute of Grain Crops of NAAS of Ukraine, Ukraine, 49027, Dnipro, V. Vernadsky str., 14


Aim. To identify the alleles of SNP-markers specific for Lancaster germplasm maize inbreds, in comparison with inbreds of other germplasms. Methods. Analysis of single nucleotide polymorphism of DNA on 384 SNP-markers of BDI-IIIa panel with GoldenGate-test and reading system Illumina VeraCode. Results. The greatest difference between the frequencies of the same alleles in two groups of lines, on the level of D = 0.74, was fixed for SNPmarker BDI-IIIa-332. For markers which were selected according to ranking at D = 0.53–0.74 the range of frequencies of major alleles in the group of nonLancaster lines was 0.57–0.84. In the group of Lancaster lines frequencies of the same alleles decreased to 0.03–0.10. Missing alleles in the group of Lancaster lines and unique ones in nonLancaster lines for 16 SNP markers were identified. Conclusions. Allele composition of SNPmarkers of BDI-IIIa panel specific for Lancaster germplasm was defined as BDI-IIIa-332G, BDI-IIIa-151A, BDIIIIa-331Т, BDI-IIIa-335C, BDI-IIIa-185C, BDI-IIIa-181C, BDI-IIIa-83C, BDI-IIIa-359G, BDI-IIIa-269G and BDI-IIIa- 96A. Dendrogram of phylogenetic relationships between maize lines of modern gene pool from breeding programs used in the Steppe zone of Ukraine based on the results of SNP-analysis indicates the closeness of the information on pedigree and SNP-analysis, but identifies genetic heterogeneity within Lancaster germplasm.

Keywords: molecular markers, maize, Lancaster germplasm, line, single nucleotide polymorphism of DNA.


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