Inheritance and breeding value of F2 soybean populations by character “weight of 100 seeds”

  • О. З. Щербина NSC «Institute of Agriculture NAAS» Ukraine, 08162, Chabany, Machinebudivnykiv str., 2-B
  • В. Г. Михайлов Ukraine, 08162, Chabany, Machinebudivnykiv str., 2-B
  • О. О. Тимошенко Ukraine, 08162, Chabany, Machinebudivnykiv str., 2-B


Aim. The aim of the work was to investigate inheritance of weight of 100 seeds from a soybean plant and estimate hybrid combinations with the possibility to single out from them phenotypes showing larger seeds than those of parental forms. Methods. Soybean F2  populations weresowed in the square-cluster way 45х45 sm under the scheme: maternal form, hybrid, parental form. The area of a plot was 2.3-5.2 sq. m depending on seeds available. During vegetation phenological supervision over growth and development of plants was carried out; dates of sowing, shoots occurrence, flowering and maturing were registered. After harvest plants were analyzed based on the complex of economically valuable characters. Results. In a number of crossing combinations dominated increased weights of 100 seeds, in others prevailed reduced weights and sporadic forms that exceeded by this character parental ones with greater value but they occurred in small numbers, altogether 1-3% and exclusively in crossings Jug-30/Gentleman and Anzhelika/Gentleman, making up 7.2 and 18.0%, respectively. Conclusions. Some F2 soybean hybrid populations involved demonstrated domination of increased seeds, others reduced ones; small number of forms possessed seeds that exceeded those of best parents.

Key words: weight of 100 seeds, populations, inheritance, domination, breeding value.